Pillings Lock Marina Community Car Club

Convenient, Economical and Eco-Friendly

Our Community Car is aimed at reducing the need for car ownership here at the Marina & offering our clients a convenient & low-cost alternative that is also Greener for the Environment.

Having had our little Renault Zoe since March 2016 we know it's an amazing vehicle with so many benefits over petrol or diesel cars & a range of up to 90 miles. We also subscribe to national charging networks to top up the car when going further away.

For just £25.00 per month you can go to the shops two or three times a week in comfort without paying insurance, road tax, maintenance or for fuel! £5.00 is the same as a return bus fare to Leicester. £10.00 is cheaper than a one-way taxi to Loughborough too.

Use of the car is timed by the hour or half day & includes all fuel costs for example 90 minutes is £5.00, 4 hours is £10.00 or 24hrs is £20.00. If you need a car regularly each week then we offer a Club Rate by the month - £25.00 per month gives you 3 hours per week or £40.00 per month gives you 6 hrs per week and one overnight (17.00hrs to 09.00hrs).

Car Club Fees Renault Zoe Handbook
car club Renualt Zoe

Electric Charging Facilities at Pillings Lock

Speedy and Easy

We are very proud to be the first Marina in Leicestershire to install fast-charge units. We currently have Two Type-2 7.2kw Charger Units which can be used by anyone without the need for monthly subscriptions.

Electricity is Pay-as-you-go via a smart card which can be purchased from our Office or Cafe. Any unused units can be loaded back onto the card for you to take with you or use on your next visit here. We are also planning to install a Fast Charge 22kw unit very soon!

Book The Car

If you would like to book the car, please fill in our booking enquiry form below and we will get back to you promptly. Please provide your details and the date and length of time you wish to book the car for. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Address:

The Marina Office,
Pilling's Lock Marina,
Flesh Hovel Lane,
LE12 8FE


01509 620 990


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